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Posted by neo tuxer

The Winner - 7Zip the best alternative to WinZip

7Z also known as 7Zip archive utility is available as open source and is free to use. 7Z is fast, efficient and free. While we like 7Z and we recommend it to everybody who asks for our opinion we do believe that people should have the freedom to choose the archive utility that is right for them. provides a comparison of what we think are the best seven Zip alternatives.

Already know that 7Z is for you? We tend to agree
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It's only Fair to Compare - 7 Best Zip Archive Utilities

The table below summarizes the differences between what we think are the seven best WinZip alternatives. If you insist to further investigate more utilities then click on the "more utilities" below the table to get a larger list. While we can only suggest and offer our opinion you are responsible for choosing what works for you. We thus recommend that you download and play with a few such utilities before you make your decision. If by now you regret going through the hassle of choosing then it is never too late to follow the recommended best utility 7Z by clicking on the Download button above.

Archive Name






WinZip Computing


Eugene Roshal


ConeXware, Inc


Leo Kuznetsov


Matteo Riso


e-merge GmbH


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